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New single!!

Mami is now recording her new single scheduled to be released next month. She finished shooting her CD jacket and her iTunes jacket is now in the designing room. These …

“When the morning comes” Featuring toy poodle “coto-chan” on YouTube

Funky coto-chan dances to Mami’s song “When the morning comes” from the album “Mami” (The Japanese version titled “Make Up” from the album “SHIAWASE NI NAROU”) Dancing coto-chan

Video Clip “When the morning comes”

“When the morning comes” video clip recorded at BLUES ALLEY JAPAN on Dec 13, 2015 (Complete music version available in the album “Mami”) Mami “When the morning comes”  Video clip

Special Thanks!!

A message to thank our supporters and fans all over the world for visiting our renewed website. We are happy to announce that our monthly average of 27,000 accesses has …

December 13th, Mami’s Live at Blues Alley Japan “michi” (road to…)

On December 13th, Mami had her dinner show “michi” (road to…) at Blues Alley Japan. Supporting members included, Masato Matsuda (piano & keyboard), Akio Suzuki (sax & flute), Fuminobu Tada …

Live in San Francisco at JCCCNC

November 22 A photo report on the benefit live for JCCCNC MC: Emily Murase Musicians: Joey DeNoia (guitar), Roy Regalario (keyboard), Michael Respicio (drums) Sound Engineer: Tim Leong

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