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Premium Friday Event

August 31 – PREMIUM FRIDAY at Cotonohart Mami and her junior high school classmates ! Moriyasu Aono (Guitar), Sei Narumi (Vocal) NO music charge Open : 18:00  Live: 19:45 Come …

August 31, Alumini Trio at cotonohart

Alumini Trio, Mami (Vocal), Moriyasu Aono (guitarist) and Sei Narumi (Chorus) , will be performing at cotonohart on August 31st. More details will be announced

Mami’s classmate

Mami’s junior highschool classmate, Sei Narumi, dropped by cotonohart and asked her to sing with Mami. A big surprise to not only Mami but to the other guest too. Never know …

Premium Friday Live – June 29

Mami’s premium friday live had an unexpected appearance with Moriyasu Aono. Mami and Guitarist Aono performed together with songs and a mini talk show. The audience was filled with happiness …

At cotonohart – Yakuzen Cuisine “Food and Life”

Last year, Music Sounds Bank produced music and gallery “cotonohart” in Aoyama. Every 3rd Tuesday, cotonohart has started a FOOD and LIFE cooking course. The Yakuzen Cuisine or maybe it …

Mami’s Monthly Event

Mami is scheduled for a mini live at Cotonohart every 2nd Thursday and every last Premium Friday.  Go by and have fun with Mami’s songs of happiness and the original …

Mami and the Japanese Calligraphy Gallery

Mami is performing at cotonohart in respects to the well known Harue Shunkei and her students who are exhibiting their works at the gallery.

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