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Happy New Year!

A Happy 2017! Wishing everyone a happy 2017! Last year the Clef Veggies series began and a variety of new colaborations was fun and exciting. We  look forward to seeing you again at our 2017 …

Dramatic Live & X’mas Dinner at JINNAN CAFE shibuya

The live at Jinnan Cafe was very successful thanks to everyone who participated in the event. The orginal artwork for the “Beyond the Time” CD jacket was exhibited for everyone …

Dec 22 Dramatic Live & X’mas Dinner

clef veggies vol.3 Dramatic Live & X’mas Dinner “A Holy Night  filled with lots of laughter and tears” December 22, 2016 Door open 18:30    Show time 19:30 Come and …

New Single “Beyond the Time”

Beyond the Time September 28, 2016 Released on iTunes Store USA “Just take a step to tomorrow” Left out in the dark, waiting for the break of dawn at that …

Clef Veggies vol. 2 Racers’ Cafe Ebisu

CLEF VEGGIES vol 2 Mami’s Petite live Series information Date: October 14th Time : 7:00 pm Starring: Mami (Singer – songwriter) Shiori Inaki (Freelance journalist) Saburo Tanooka (Accordionist) Masaru Goto …

October 14th Clef Veggies vol. 2

Petite live series “clef veggies” vol. 2 at Racer’s Cafe on October 14th. Mami × Shiori Inaki × Saburo Tanooka × Masaru Goto Mami has invited Shiori Inaki, a magazine …

Sept 1st Clef Veggies vol.1

Enjoy the sunset of Tokyo at Cafe MURIWUI Date:  Sept 1st    7:00 p.m.~ Place:  Cafe MURIWUI Soshigaya 4-1-22-3F Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan Mami Taroma Koshida (Guitar) Masaru Goto (Percussion) Cafe …

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