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Dec 22 Dramatic Live & X’mas Dinner

clef veggies vol.3 Dramatic Live & X’mas Dinner “A Holy Night  filled with lots of laughter and tears” December 22, 2016 Door open 18:30    Show time 19:30 Come and …

New Single “Beyond the Time”

Beyond the Time September 28, 2016 Released on iTunes Store USA “Just take a step to tomorrow” Left out in the dark, waiting for the break of dawn at that …

Clef Veggies vol. 2 Racers’ Cafe Ebisu

CLEF VEGGIES vol 2 Mami’s Petite live Series information Date: October 14th Time : 7:00 pm Starring: Mami (Singer – songwriter) Shiori Inaki (Freelance journalist) Saburo Tanooka (Accordionist) Masaru Goto …

October 14th Clef Veggies vol. 2

Petite live series “clef veggies” vol. 2 at Racer’s Cafe on October 14th. Mami × Shiori Inaki × Saburo Tanooka × Masaru Goto Mami has invited Shiori Inaki, a magazine …

Sept 1st Clef Veggies vol.1

Enjoy the sunset of Tokyo at Cafe MURIWUI Date:  Sept 1st    7:00 p.m.~ Place:  Cafe MURIWUI Soshigaya 4-1-22-3F Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan Mami Taroma Koshida (Guitar) Masaru Goto (Percussion) Cafe …

”Clef Veggies” new petite live series!

Mami’s new petite live series “clef veggies” starts this September. This series is a new live style collaborating with different musicians and guests. Clef is the musical symbol and where …

Single Release #3 “HAIRCUT” on iTunes !

Mami’s single release “HAIRCUT” released on July 21st has an up tempo taste different from her last single in the USA. You will find in the lyrics a message of …

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