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A graduate of Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan, she received her B.S.
in International Politics, Economics and Communications.
After graduation she started her career with The Bank of Tokyo
(now known as The Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ) and soon after continued her career
with the international financial division of Citibank.

Mami left her banking career in 1995
and began her career as a singer-songwriter.
Since 1997 she began her live performances and now does about 20 a year.
She has written original lyrics for other singers as well as translated lyrics
from English to Japanese.

Last year, Mami released 2 singles and 1 album in the USA.
Mami was honored to be under consideration
for the 58th Grammy Awards for the single and album
and is excited to submit her new singles again for the 59th Grammy Awards.

Her first live performance in San Francisco was a big experience for her,
and she is looking forward to her next live performance in the US.

The first half of this year Mami has been performing for events throughout Japan.
On July 21st, Mami released her new single “HAIRCUT” on iTunes, following her newest release “Beyond the Time” on September 28th.

The “Beyond the Time”  jacket was designed especially for this song by and the original cd will be in stores soon.

Mami’s new petite live series “Clef Veggies” starts this September and she will be collaborating with different musicians and guests.
Mami’s songs are filled with lots of vitamins and that’s “Clef Veggies” !

Live Performances

Blues Alley Japan
Minami Aoyama Mandala
Blue Jay Way
Mandala 2
Star Pines Cafe
Naka Meguro Rakuya
Shimo Kitazawa 440
Marunouchi Cafe
7th Floor

any many more…

Album Translations

Boyz II Men「Evolution」
Avant「My Thoughts」
Sheryl Crow「My Favorite Mistake」
Buffalo Nickel「Long Play 33 1/2」
Midnight Oil「Breathe」
The Country Rockin’「Rave on」
Joddy Watley「Saturday Night Experience」
Melky Sedek「sister&brother」
Britney Spears「Baby One More Time」
Nice Little Penguins「World you can live in」
The Prince of Egypt (Original soundtrack)
「Chain Reaction」「Step Into My World」「Only the strongest will survive」
Steps「Step One」「5,6,7,8,-e.p.」
mya「Fear of Flying」
The Horse Whisperer(original soundtrack)
Billie Myers「Vertigo」
Sheena Easton「Fabulous」

and many more…

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