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New Single “Beyond the Time”

Beyond the Time September 28, 2016 Released on iTunes Store USA “Just take a step to tomorrow” Left out in the dark, waiting for the break of dawn at that …

Album “Mami” CD Release !!

Mami’s newest album “Mami” is now available at iTunes. The CD can be purchased at amazon. Each song has a special message for you,  listen to the lyrics and find …


Album : Mami (UPC: 859715461640) Track 1: When the Morning Comes (ISRC: TCACI1509037) As the days go by, every morning I look in the mirror and ask myself “am I …

September 16, 2015 Surprise Release ! New Album “Mami”

New Album “Mami” On Sale at iTunes on September 16th. A surprise release with Mami’s first english 6 track album at iTunes. The 6 track album is a surprise release …

NEW Single release August 8th “Spice in Love”

August 8, New Single release “Spice in Love” Don’t miss it! You get the best taste of love when you end it at the very best moment Available on iTunes …

Coming soon! “Spice in Love”

Pre-order available on iTunes “Spice in Love” If you wish to feel the best of love, let it end at the very best moment. pre-order now available on iTunes $1.29

First English single release in the USA now available on iTunes “laughter of the shiny star”

“Everybody was born to be happy” A newborn baby is born to be happy. That is the wish of all parents but as time goes by, friends unintentionally hurt one …

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