Album : Mami (UPC: 859715461640)


Track 1: When the Morning Comes (ISRC: TCACI1509037)
As the days go by, every morning I look in the mirror and ask myself
“am I beautiful?”…”have I changed?”
My sense of values are not always the same as those of others.
What I think is best and what someone else might think is best is always different.
But it’ s to remember that I know myself… the prettiest girl with the
beautiful heart.

Track 2 : Laughter of the Shiny Star (ISRC: TCACI1511176)
A newborn baby is born to be happy.
That is the wish of all parents but as time goes by,
friends unintentionally hurt one another.
Whatever the situation, we must always remember that
everyone was born to be happy.
Mami purposely left the word SHIAWASE (happiness) in her lyrics
with hopes that this special word and her message will spread worldwide.

Track 3: Spice in Love (ISRC TCACI1509049)
If you wish to feel the best of love, let it end at the very best moment.

Track 4 : What Happpiness Is (ISRC TCACI1509051)
Mami wrote this song soon after experiencing the emotions and tragedy
of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku Region, Japan.
Many of us realized, truly “What happiness is…”

Track 5 : Anniversary (ISRC TCACI1509021)
You can always begin a new life even after you have made a big mistake.
The day you begin your new life is a special day.

Track 6 : FLOW (ISRC TCACI1509039)
Cry as much as you want
Your river of tears will flow your sadness into the sea
Just like a Venetian boatman’ song, Mami’ crystal clear voice
will heal your heart.

– Shiori Inaki