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Vocal&Piano Acoustic Live at “Cafe & Jazz Ako-Pecka”

Mami performed a collaboration with pianist Masato Matsuda in Osaka. She not only sang her original numbers, but also included standard jazz numbers in her show.

Album Release “SHIAWASE NI NAROU” “Everyone was born to be happy”

  “Everybody was born to be happy” This album was written with this message. We were all born with a tiny star of happiness in our palm. Mami hopes that the …

Blues Alley Japan “SHIAWASE NI NAROU” New Album live

Dec 14, 2015 “SHIAWASE Ni NAROU” New Album Live at Blues Alley Japan

Single release “Azure Eternity” (Japanese title “Sora no Ao” )

  Every moment never stops but continues. We should always remember the precious time we spent with our loved ones. Someday we will be part of the blue sky, and …

You Tube video clip “Azure Eternity” (Japanese title “Sora no Ao”)

Azure Eternity (Video Clip) You will enjoy the clear sounds of Mami’s crystal voice and the orchestra while viewing the wide blue sky and the calm sea. (production: Music Sounds …

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