On November 20th, Mami visited the Rosa Parks Elementary School
which was organized by Emily Murase, President of the San Francisco Unified
School District Board of Education.

On this day, the Kindergarten and 1st grade were treated with Mami’s special
visit before the Star Awards Assembly.

Mami sang “laughter of the shiny star” and the children joined with Mami by clapping
their hands and singing the phrase “Shiawase ni Narou” which means let’s be happy
in English.

Mami arrives at the school

Mami arrives at the school

The day begins at Rosa Parks School

The day begins at Rosa Parks School


The audience is filled with children from Kindergarden and 1st grade


Mami explaining to the children when to sing along with her in the song


The several hundred children singing along with Mami, the biggest chorus group ever for “laughter of the shiny star”



The children with “Star Awards”